Truck Training and Licencing

LR - Light Rigid (Capacity 4.5T to 8T)
MR - Medium Rigid (Capacity 8T to 15T)
HR - Heavy Rigid (Capacity 15T to 30T)
HC - Heavy Combination (Capacity from 30T and up)

Procedures to obtain your truck licence

Step 1
Make sure you do the correct class of truck knowledge test at the RTA. (LR, MR, HR or HC) click here to find out more about the licence classes.

Step 2
Practice test on the RTA web site. Click useful link above or click here.

Step 3
Do the knowledge test at the RTA. Once you passed the knowledge test, you are required to purchase the learner competency log book and CBA course guide book.
Note: Without the log book we can not conduct the competency based assessment. Which mean you can not do the course.

Step 4
Call us to make a booking. (02) 9721 3588 or 0411 704 407